n. Son•day: A day of personal reflection.

“What does it mean to be a savior?
To accept every stranger?

or never flee away from danger?

I was born in a manger.

My momma was a virgin.

My purpose was to be perfect.

My mother said she had a dream and it was very clear;

My daddy wasn’t there but he was everywhere.

My step pops was an average Joe; my auntie was an average hoe.

When I was born, 3 men showed up at the doe’…..

With perfume and gold,

after that we hit the road.

Now my whole life was pressure:

Make the impossible possible,

even if it wasn’t logical…

So I started; I told the dead to get it up,

then told the deaf to listen up:

It is I, it is Him,

What if I told you I walked on that water because I couldn’t swim?

and didn’t want to get my hair wet..

I fed 10,000 with a fish that I caught with a hair net…

Are we there yet?

I ran with thieves, but they were good when they were with me,

except I always knew that one was out to get me;

Let’s take it back to my last dinner:

I called him out and he still wouldn’t admit it,

but before I got that knock on the door he was forgiven,

because it was written, before I was given….

A world to heal,

Everybody crossed me, but yet and still they made it to my will,

and I never had regrets until I took my last breath. 

That’s when I asked God, “What else?”

I saved everybody else and couldn’t save myself…..

I saved everybody else and couldn’t save myself. 

Would you believe?”
✒️: Steven Farrar 

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