About Us

Linking Literature is a platform that promotes literacy, expression, and understanding. We view writing as an art form. Linking Literature serves as an online platform for aspiring writers of all ages and backgrounds to gain exposure for their work. We currently have an audience in 106 countries, and still growing! Our mission is to be a common ground that will link the world through literature and expression. Any writers seeking to submit their work, please click the ‘Contact Us‘ tab in our menu.

Linking Literature seeks to put books directly into the hands of our children through our #LinkingLiterature1Million campaign, hosting youth literature collections in various locations, reading workshops, and other various community initiatives. Please see the #LinkingLiterature1Million tab in our menu.

Through this point, Linking Literature has put over 11,000 books in over 2,500 kids’ hands, as well as hosting an annual Back-to-School Drive where we give books, backpacks, and school supplies to children in the Detroit community. We are based out of Detroit, MI, and have also provided books to children in Indiana, Georgia, Ohio, and Liberia. If you know of any places in need of books/services, please contact us! More projects coming soon!

Welcome to Linking Literature!

*Linking Literature is a free site. All images used are reserved to the rights of their owners, and none are used for monetary gain. Our writers’ submissions are for promotion, exposure, and their passion for the art.*