Kept it G,

Ma Son, you’re Free,

Like the fat in the “healthy” foods we eat,

Makes the price increase,

Supply and Demand,

Trying to be a man by being The Man,

But we were young,

No examples,

Developed mannerisms of survivors,

Thought we were live,

Really dying,

Living unconsciously,


The walking dead was more alive than ever,

Those zombies were at my front door, bigger and better,

‘Cuz death wasn’t our last breath,

A mere adaptation,

A war tactic, and We rose as One,

Rose like the Sun,

Touch Son?

Rose got thorns like a gun,

A smell sharper than a tongue,

and Soul as pure as a nun,

But still smile when you get me…..

I’m Love.

I’m hate.

I’m Great.

Get out my way! I’m running late,

and I’m running on skates,

Full plate,

Empty gut,

Food for Thought,

Fake prophets,

Fake profits,

In snake wallets,

“What’s good bro?”

“I can’t call it.”

Alzheimer’s: When the old remember the past; Crazy.

But, if the Young can sell you the Future, he’s a psychic,

My Voice is my sidekick,

Wife called life,

I call death, my sidechick,

I be fuckin’ that bitch,

And I try to pull out before I’m stuck with that bitch.


By: Steven Farrar


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ricky P Jr says:

    Truth in realism with tbese words, metaphors were right on point were placed! Keep up the good work fam. This speaks like a good convo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. stevenfarrar says:

      No doubt G. Thanks for the support. Link up on whatever.


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