Are You Smart, or are You knowledgeable?

Do You Know that anything is Possible?

I’m Thankful for every obstacle,

every Popsicle and every prostitute,

wearing a prosthetic leg,

headed to the hospital,

This is for You!

‘Cuz life is about lessons.

Every breath is a Blessing.

Be Thankful for every second.

You want a Present? Feel my Presence;

My Essence is that of an Eccentric,

No, Afrocentric.

Nappy Rooted, my Top Is well-picked;

My Crop Was well-picked.

It’s been well-Documented, well-Printed,

And Now, I sound demented?

‘Cuz they Lynched us and wouldn’t give him the ball on 4th and inches…

……You Know Why I’m Here. Peace.


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