Same Results

The more I knew, the more I started breaking rules,

Every night it’s one of me on the breaking news,

Suspect or the victim,

Either dead or in prison,

Same results.

Ain’t no saving folks,

Standing in that line at Focus Hope,

Saw your uncle smoke some dope,

So you went and sold some dope

Same results.

Gotta go and get my dollars up, Knowledge up,

Every day it’s harder to do this college shit,

‘Cuz you can’t get a scholarship,

Unless you makin’ ’em a profit…shit,

I’m tired of it.

Now I’m speaking for the lil Nega, growing up in a pile of shit,

Without a pot to piss,

Before you let the world air you out,

Lil homie hear me out!

I was once in your shoes,

Learn your lessons from your steps,

Take the wins with the losses, never blame it on the refs,

If them bitches try to cheat, then you bang on the refs.

Same Result!


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