Keep Dreamin’

I love my mother’s nature;

The way she helped me grow,

The same way Mother Nature helps a tree grow,


I’m deep rooted, and I rep my royalty selfishly,

We’re all kings.
But let’s not get caught up in the small things:
Gender, race, religion…
We all come from one creator of all things,
Keep it simple.

These aren’t riddles to build my credentials,
But for that boy who was killed and he was armed with tea and some skittles.
Used to say that I would die for my hood….He really did….
and he wasn’t gang claimin’, slang sanging’,
Man! So many broken brothers from gang bangin’,

But you know how it goes;
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
How’s a flower supposed to bloom,
When we kill each other over a hue?
Then it’s red and blue sirens coming for you……..
How do we stop the violence,
If we can’t stop and smell the violets?
You try to be open-minded,
But your dreams only make sense when you close your eyelids…

Keep dreaming!


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