The Caged Bird Sings in 2015

“The Caged Bird Sings in 2015”

I know why the caged bird sings.

Her daddy left her, 
“Chasing the cheddar”
But his shit got stopped up.
Momma bills popped up,
Now you feel locked up,
And write it all in your diary…
You ain’t as cool as you seem,
It’s a front, it’s a dream,
I know why the caged bird sings!
Staring at the ceiling, at the sky,
Trying to figure out a way to be that high,
Because this can’t be life,
So you picked up that tree of life; then it all slowed down….
You blowed now!
But you can’t roll it up, and weed cost too much,
But you love to get high,
So you give it up to the dealer, one time,
‘Cuz you ain’t paying $20 for a dime,
Opened your thighs,
Open your eyes!
It’s all a lie, 
You know it, He knows it,
Don’t show it, just keep it goin’,
….cuz you needed to feel high,
Wasn’t really feeling it, situation was dry,
He wanted one dip, one sip, 
Found out he cums quick,
Even tried to play it safe but the condom ripped….Damn.
You woke up one morning feeling sick… 
Now, how many lies can come from one’s lips?
Tell yo’ child that her daddy ain’t shit,
Broken love from a broken heart,
Broken records, it’s the same ol’ shit!
I know why the caged bird sings!
Because she never had a chance,
Just a vision, a voice, and a pair of wings,
The caged bird sings!
And she gets anxious every time the phone rings,
Hoping for an answer, 
An answer to her prayers,
Straighter hair, and a mansion,
One night to be a princess,
A ballerina, or a dancer.
Might find love, and he might be romantic,
Might raise a family, then you might get cancer,
I guess that’s how life goes,
She knows…
So the Caged Bird sings until she can’t no mo’.


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