States of America

“Trapped in a white canvas, surrounded by the stripes of the blood of my ancestors, and all of the lives lost in building this picture. Somehow I still find comfort in looking up to the night sky, seeing 50 stars shine together in harmony, never losing hope in turning that dream into a reality. #IndependenceForAll”

With July 4, approaching the current state of America deserves no cause for celebration. 239 years removed the day America gained its independence from Great Britain, and the fight for equality and independence is at our forefront once again; a continuous cycle that seems to trap every generation. C’mon, it’s 2015 and we still have race-inlfuenced church bombings, racist police terrorizing the African-American community, problems at the border, gay rights conflicts, and Dylann Roof shooting up a Black church and stating that his intentions were “to kill Black people.” This shit feels like the month of February in my 8th grade U.S. history class all over again. There’s no acceptable reason for his actions, and it’s even more unacceptable that in 2015 a 21-year old, skinny white boy would even feel the need to take such extreme measures. And for what, “You’re raping our women; taking over our country.” Exactly whose country are you referring to Mr. Roof? The United States of America? Which ensures liberty and justice FOR ALL? Your actions were immature and irresponsible; and your reason was irrational and downright ignorant, Dylann.
As tragic as our nation’s current state is, chaos creates opportunity; an opportunity to change. America is being blessed with an opportunity to look in the mirror. We, the people, of this great land are struggling for identity and the disrespect is at an all-time high. You know it’s bad when even racists are fighting to be accepted. There is a misunderstanding in America, and the root of all our problems stem from fear, security/insecurity, a need for survival, and ignorance above all. Why? Democrats/Republicans, Rich/Poor, Black/White, Straight/Gay; we all want the same things. We all want a better quality of living, lower prices, quality affordable healthcare, food on our tables at night, a roof over our heads, life, liberty, and happiness.
So, why are we fighting? Are the American people that trapped and closed-minded, that we’ve begun to only seek personal benefit? We should be ashamed. This is OUR country, and we have to start acting like it. Independence is for all in the United States of America. No matter a person’s beliefs, our system’s main goal is to protect the people and ensure equality. The first step to solving our problems is self-accountability. You have to recognize the areas you can improve. The next step is understanding, finding a common ground in order to innovate resources, create effective solutions for reform, and bring new opportunities. This is our chance to re-build our America for the next 300 years, the right way. United We Stand. #LinkUp

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