Papa’s Present

Papa was a rolling stone,

Sending text through the mobile phone,

…..I know it’s long,

He spoke his love a lot,

Couldn’t show as much,

Every day is a cover up,

But I see the affects on my life.

I’m getting right, so you don’t feel the effects as my wife.

On a mission, with a vision,

I vow to make a difference,

To my little King or Queen,

Your only imperfection is your lack of existence.
To my mother, I understand,

The challenges of raising a man,

Broken-hearted, hope departed,

And you did it twice! Let’s drink to that!

Few beers,

Let me wipe away all your unseen tears,

Forgotten fears,

Just a will to survive, that got us here;

Doing your best to make me a man…but I got it from here.
To my national flowers,

That grew from the seeds of our father,

I pray to have the time to meet you,

My story is just a piece of the story, but we ain’t got the budget for a sequel,

Richard, you’re my hero.

Raise your family by any means necessary.
To my father, you’re kind of legendary,

And although you failed to meet my expectations,

I never asked your expectations of yourself….

So we good.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from your mistakes,

While still learning from my own,

No matter how long it takes,

I’m awake. 

You’re a victim of judgment, 

Whether outside or insecurity,
I say I love you sincerely,

Steven Farrar

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