We live in a world based on comfort. Your house, your bed, your couch; all based on comfort. Comfort is a great thing to have, but does not always lead to true happiness. How many people, rich or poor, are really satisfied? I think about Black people and where we come from, Africa, a naturally comfortable environment. Comfort was plentiful so we did not value it as much. We worked from sunrise to sunset, to pay our rich land back for the benefits that it gave us. Because of this, we are natural innovators, and our land is still the best land on the planet. I also think about European people and the land they come from. Their land does not produce comfort. It actually produces discomfort and a need for survival. If you read between the lines in our history books, you’ll see that every major event in European history is an effort for some form of comfort. If you look at African history, every major event was an act of greatness, and to improve. It was not until European exploration and colonialism that our environment became uncomfortable, taking our focus off of greatness because of discomfort. I understand the European quest for survival, so I forgive their ancestors. I also understand the truth, and the greatness of Black. History repeats itself when there is a need for comfort. Society works to plateau, to lay flat, like in a bed or a casket; and history will always repeat itself as long as we strive to be comfortable. Reward yourself. Be Great. GetUncomfortable. #LinkUp

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