Economics: 101

Welcome Class,

I’m Mr. Farrar, and I’ll be your substitute today.
On that note, let’s start with substitutes,
Wealth looking like champagne sips from subtle flutes, 
Water cost more than tea, and it’s no fruit in our fuckin’ juice.
So speaking of subs, do we sub like a 6th man?
Or sub like a 6-inch,
Eating like Jared til we’re down to 30-inch pants?
Ruled by the greedy,
Lack of help for the needy,
Wish I could travel back and give a bowl of Edy’s to Sealy,
What am I saying? We’re on the same plantation,
But this time, it’s a whole damn nation,
Black, White, Red, or Blue,
Nobody has a fucking clue.

Woman, don’t degrade yo’self to upgrade yo’self, I say you better D-Up, and grade yo’self;
In this continuous cycle,
My girl never bites the Apple, that’s why she’s got a Title,
And you won’t catch me in the Spot If I, think you’re a rival;

Rule 1: Never have your money laying idle. 
Time is money; and idle time is the devil’s bitch.

Rule 2: Know your worth; fuck a settlement.
We need lower rent and better shit. 
I swear every word I curse is Heaven Sent.
I’m just being frank. Fuck Ben Frank’! This is dedicated to Emmitt Till and Anne Frank.
This world is a damn Nazi Camp for concentration,
Obama’s nation; what a fucking abomination!
You lost the Civil War in 1865, but still proud of the Confederation…..
Sore losers.
Poor abusers.
Use war to confuse us. 
It’s an illusion;
An intrusion.

Most importantly, 

Rule 3: Watch for trends, Invest more than you spend.
Because nowadays, everybody is gay, rockin’ Beats by Dre.
So I’ll get paid, investing in hearing aids and AIDS. 
These toilet bowl banks are full of shit;
As gold and oil plunge,
The paper is backed by us,
And life is in high demand,
In this United States of Division,
Cop kills a nigga;
Rap beef to divide our vision.
Economics, cause and effect.
So, invest in your breath.
Invest in land.
Invest in your health. 

Your Wealth. 

Rule 4: Above all, stay true. 

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