Linking Literature: 1st Annual Youth Literature Collection

@LinkingLiterature 1st Annual Youth Literature Collection
August 8, 2015
St. Paul United Methodist Church

8701 W. 8 Mile Rd

Detroit, MI 48221
We’re collecting books for our kids. We will donate to local schools, hospitals, childrens’ and homeless shelters, and also children in our neighborhoods. As we collect donations, we will be giving them out. Bring a child to get a book! We will have genres for grades K-12 so that no child is left behind. Our main focus is to replace the negative things that our youth get handed to them everyday with books, promoting literacy and education in our inner cities. In addition to our August 8, set-up, this will also be a Social Media Book Drive. Our goal is to put a book in a million kids’ hands by August 8, 2016 using the hashtag #LinkingLiterature1Million. Post a picture or video of yourself giving a book to a child with that hashtag. The goal of Linking Literature is to bridge the gap between fun and education, and create unity through expression. 
Any one that donates a book this Saturday will be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Please repost and spread awareness. Volunteers welcome. 
Contact @LinkingLiterature, @ifarrarif50, or @TRUV, with further inquiries. 
#LinkingLiterature1Million #Books4Kids #Detroit #Literacy #Education #UnityThroughExpression 

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