The 9 to 5 Blues

I got the blues!

Working hard for the green,

Seeing red on anyone who intervenes,

Now how can paper beat rock?

I keep my sanity, rather my solidity,

But these bills consume me;

January 1, February 1, March 1, April….I must be a fool!

Standing in these showers, because, well,

As a Black Man, I’m not too fond of mayflowers.

This feels like the new Noah’s Arc,

Grew up on Rosa Parks,

But I’m sitting in the back of the bus to see what happens in the front,

We’ve been backstabbed enough,

But I’ll never turn my back to ya’,

Let’s teach the kids about our Black rulers, 

Too much glory to the crack abuser,

I’m the shit, not the one to put the number 2 ta’,

Ya’ test me, and I won’t need a tutor,

Use my mind like we use computers,

And I’m a sharp shooter,

Never needed Googles,

Just the iris in my pupils,

The highest among my pupils,

Because my mindset is the truest,

I’m a nuisance,

Tell these crackers to bring they gnus’s,

Praying for better shit, now I’m back to feeling stupid,

Niggas paying 10% for some crackers and some juices,

Even a fool doesn’t like being foolish,

I’ve come up with a lot of shit….but to keep it short, 

I’m just getting rich. 

You play Rich For Short, don’t get mad when he becomes a Dick,

Like his dad when he becomes addicted,

Because that fix gave him tunnel vision,

So he leaves, and now my brother’s got a life sentence,

Now my mother’s feeling light-winded;

You wonder why I rap focal?

I could never be a rap mogul,

‘Cuz it’s way too many rap Fogel’s,

This is Superbad, where’s the Mike Jack vocals?

They might jack, but I’m so local, I’ve got nowhere to go to,

Just telling you what I go through. 
My 9 to 5 Blues.
This that work!

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