I saw this and felt the need to write about it….
Black Men are becoming an endangered species in this world. With the systems in place, and the criminalization of the entire Black Culture, we can’t teach it in our homes and communities too. We have to give our boys a chance. 
“They say Pussy is Power, Poetry, and Pistols.” – Tupac Shakur
Women are influence, and a good woman can be the most benefit to a man. Black Women, you have to use your power to influence Black Men in a good direction. Don’t give up on us. This is the time for us to build. Do it until you get it right, because the effects on our youth are life threatening. This is not an excuse for Black Men either. 

We have to hold ourselves 100% accountable for our decisions, no matter the reasons behind them. This is also not to offend single mothers, or people of the LGBTQ community. Every single mother’s household is not like this, and every child raised in this situation does not grow up with sexuality and identity issues, but this is the reality for some and it’s a domino effect. When a boy doesn’t frequently see a good male role model in the home, he will not grow up valuing manhood the same. It starts with us now to be those role models. Stick it out, make it work. Our future depends on it.

#BlackLove365 #BringBackOurMen

-Steven Farrar

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