Loose Ends

All I see is afros and protests, it’s feelin’ like the 60’s,Red, white, & blue flags, it’s feelin like the 60’s,
And it ain’t no more Grant money (Ulysses), it ain’t no more 50’s,

Do I get rich or die trying?

Or take classes in the city?
And pull all-nighters?

Drinking all that coffee, just to get wired?

Or getting all them degrees, just to get higher? Or get hired?

30 thousand in debt, and you’re telling me I could still get fired??
‘Cuz good credit only good for you to owe it,

Nowadays everybody wanna show it,

I just wanna hold it,

Sip Moët, and be a poet,

Text from my girl, “Stop trippin’! You’ll be there before you know it. ‘Cuz can’t nobody fuck with you.” 

That’s a declarative,

Never a comparison,

She tell me that the sex is better when I’m imperative,

I tell her that the sex is better when I pull her hair wit’ it, and try to stop her momma from hearin’ it,

She tell me that’s embarrassing,

I tell her cherish it,

She tell me perish it….


And I’ll never have to worry ’bout a next,

Try to calculate my steps, 

To the point that my slang is grammatically correct,

Just read a sentence in my texts,

My mistakes is on purpose,

That’s why I flourish,

Plus my momma a virgin,

That means I’m purposed,

That means I’m perfect!
– @ifarrarif50

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