Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons:

A confessional,

Still getting con’d out of a lot of pros,

A lot of dough,

But we’re still pros about it,


So we go to the polls and vote for the Congress,

And we still get con’d out of progress,

But Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness isn’t a contest,

That’s why we protest,

So when you hear Black Lives Matter, it’s not an attack,

It’s a response. 

A response to this Constitution,

Let’s just legalize prostitution,

We all selling our bodies,

Whether walking on corners, or walking into lobbies,

But I forgot you can’t tax no pussy,

Lady Liberty, when I see you, I’ma wax yo pussy,

So when you hire your contractors,

Make sure you don’t forget the protractors,

‘Cuz Mason’s been Free, and Margiela’s ain’t cheap,


As you proceed to the concessions,

Wait in line and get overcharged for drinks,

Make it back to your seats before the second half peaks.
Part 2: Pros & Cons
By: Steven Farrar 

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