What’s 3 things a Black man can’t get?

A job, good credit, oh and a fat lip.

What about a White man? Accountability, and a big dick,

The Asians can’t drive, but they can tell you the exact answer of pi,
And Hispanics wanna be White,
Plus you never want to sit next to the man in the turban on the flights,
These are stereotypes,

Like Sony, Bose, and Zenith,
With a different meaning,
Stereotypes meaning prejudice rhetoric, now I’m sounding like a heretic,
Or a realist, idealist, can’t forget about my women,
But that’s a stereotype too, you’re not property,
Yet we treat you like a monopoly, and when you venture from what we think you should be, we make you obsolete,
Battle of the sexes,
Battling sexists,
‘Cuz while the Black women have nappy hair and listen to Yo Gotti,
The White women have good credit and no bodies,
The Spanish mami’s say, “Yo papi!”
And they say the Black kids have no papi’s,
Stereotypes…Face it,
Every Black kid isn’t a thug,
Every Hispanic isn’t on drugs,
And every White person isn’t a racists,
I hope this starts a conversation,
So we can erase it,

Like Sony, Bose, and Zenith….
With a different meaning.
By: Steven Farrar


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