Just Tryna Survive??

Just Tryna Survive??

What happened to all my people? I thought we were smart, but we make friends with the most deceitful.
Martin had a dream, and we were the souls that it would speak through.

They got alot and prolly thought it would slip through, but them 40 acres and a mule they promised still wouldn’t make us equal.
A lot of people just want the world to be peaceful;

We’re large in numbers and still haven’t reached the point that we need to.
My peers are the ones steadily falling to trends, that’s getting us no where….

Please tell me when will it end?
If it’s not now, then never. 

Don’t yall see it? 

We all gotta come together!

To make a world that’s better! 

Not change like season weather, that’s temporary, but change that’ll last forever.
I know some of y’all prolly thinking I’m just somebody talking nonsense,

But I speak for them people who worked a lifetime for nine cents,

And to be honest, some of ’em got nothing at all…
I’m tryna make change, and start a movement, I’ont know about y’all, 

I’m painting a picture with these words from my jaws,

I’m tryna do me and not be enslaved only to laws….

It’s keeping you victim to systems that don’t cater to y’all…
They make it hard for us to find our place in life like it’s Tetris,

But what’s real is that we afraid of the ones sworn to protect us…
They can take everything away that is materialized, and they gon’ keep winning if we don’t open our eyes;

Because of our skin tone we all are at odds,

It’s not about living no more; WE just tryna survive…

– Jamal Jackson (@J.J.A.C.K)


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