ROY G. BIV, probably someone’s name, but a door to another world for me. This is an acronym for the primary colors of the electromagnetic spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. My first lessons of creation were found in Sunday morning church services. Everything is creation. My very existence is the product of a man and a woman. This always captivated my attention. 
In 2003, I started the 6th grade, where I began to learn about wavelengths and frequencies. Then, I learned about primary and secondary colors, and how these colors complement each other. I also learned about tints and shades, realizing that black and white are the same thing; simply a mixture of hues, the same hues. One reflects light, and the other absorbs light. It’s like adjusting the brightness on your iPhones. Some are blinded by the light; brightness increased to 100. Others are afraid of the dark; brightness reduced to 0. 
When these two ends of the spectrum meet, creation is birthed, an image is visible, and all colors are equally represented; brightness adjusted to 50. I began to draw, write, and do whatever to express my thoughts. Through this I was able to feel perfection, like when God created the world; never striving for perfection, just accurate expression. God makes no mistakes. God is perfect and everything he produces is perfect. So for humans, in 2016, to be fighting over the differences that God placed on us is to deny the genius of our Creator. Black, White, male, or female, our differences were our first forms of protection. Black people, your hair grew to defy gravity; protecting your scalps and your brain from the rays of the sun. Your nostrils flare so that you could breathe in the staunch heat of your natural environment. White people, you are completely the same, in the exact opposite ways. Your hair lays down, like a coat, to protect you from the harsh winters of your natural habitat. Your nostrils, form like slits, so that you may receive oxygen despite the cold and harsh winds of your environment. 
How immature of humanity, to fight over the armor that God placed upon us, and we expect him to come save us some time soon? When will we realize that this world is perfect? It doesn’t need us to survive. We could all die tomorrow, and there would still be a plant that grows. Life would exist. At some point, we have to realize that we need the world more than the world needs us. Yet, we let our differences separate us everyday. Race wars, religious wars, gender wars, everything we let divide us is a slap in the face of our Creator. 
What is the purpose of life? Existence? We all want to know, but it’s simple if we’d just pay attention. We are here to help each other and keep a balance. Everything has a purpose. Our waste can literally fertilize the soil, and who are we to think that our lives are more valuable than the plants that give us air to breathe. Shame on us. Our differences were meant to unite us, and help us survive. Instead, we’re killing each other over them. 
-Steven Farrar @ifarrarif50

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