Lightskin VS. Darkskin

light skin versus dark skin


Are we having this debate again?

Regarding the pigment of melanin in our skin.


This is what we’ve come to,

Who is better than who?

Not realizing that all black is beautiful.


Do we need to be reminded,

Of the harsh history that our skin has been through?

Or are we just that blinded?


You see,

My yellow skin is no better than your brown skin,

Because in the eyes of a white slave master,

It was all created from sin.


Light skin is,

A harsh reminder of the

Illicit affairs that took place

Between a white master and a black mistress.


While dark skin

Is thought to be ugly.

The plantation hands,

Fresh from African kin.


Who started this war between us?

From where, is the root?

Do we blame white masters and misses?

For ingraining in us that

Skin as yellow as the sun is inferior to skin the color of soot?


I think we have forgotten the struggle,

From which we all come from.

We all share the same experiences,

Others more than some.


Once reigning as an African Queen and King,

To marching in Washington

While we hold hands and sing.


We shall overcome someday,

But first it must start with us.

And I say…


No more dark skin versus light skin.

Because at some point,

Black women and men

Need to realize that the beauty of the struggle

Is in the color of our skin.


Brittany P. Edwards

Facebook: Brittany Patrice




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