United We Stand

Colored, Black, nigger, African-American…it doesn’t matter what we are called, we are still fair game. We are the hunted. We are the targets. We are the threats. We are the truth that this country attempts to hide.
Constantly referred to as less than but WE ARE the leaders. Treated as the scum of the earth, but WE ARE the soil. Years of oppression have not made us bitter, it made us builders. We are not just the strong backs that the country has become dependent on.
We are more than murders, drug dealers, and dead beats. We are more than hoochies, baby mommas, and strippers. We do more than play sports and make music. We induce more than fear.
We inspire. We create. We imagine. We are everything that the country didn’t want us to be.
We have been used, abused, mistreated, killed, lynched, slain, bombed, destroyed, choked, shot, stabbed, stoned, tortured, raped and looked at as if we should still smile.
We are not happy to wake up and here that another person has lost their life because they are not who the world wants them to be. There is a raw cut that America leaves open and rubs salt into daily. BLACK PEOPLE ARE HUNTED.
Revolts, revolutions, and rampages seem to be the steam powering our caravans of change. We are tired of dying daily due to senselessness. We are tired of burying our families as the rest of America watches our pain and moves on with their life. We are tired of being roadkill. We are tired of being America’s target.
The slogans, the hashtags, the RIP tee-shirts, the vigils, the tears, the pain, the death, the blood, the graphic videos, the shaking voices are the stains of American Love. The fact that more than anything America would rather focus on things that are not related to the importance of BLACK LIVES shows the truth about how black lives are viewed in this country. The fact that people can KILL a black person and not suffer consequences while a black person has to constantly live in fear is a clear example of how America feels about US.
Mentioning that there is a black president in times like this is just like someone saying that they have black friends when they are accused of being racist.
America so desperately wants US to get over the past but America allows OUR history to remain present. Our culture is the most mimicked. Our style is the most copied. Our sound is the most imitated. We are the most feared people in America but also the most oppressed.
It is not just about race. It is about people who are being targeted BECAUSE of their race. No one was able to put in a special request to be born a specific way so that they can avoid such things. Black people are not lazy, dumb, and ignorant. Black people are tired.
The rest period will have to come at the end of the race for my people. We have to keep fighting. We have to be united and stand together so that this does not continue to continue. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Actions speak louder than words and we have to realize that our voices are not being heard. The time has been upon us to stand up.
UNITED WE STAND. Divided we die.
By: Shay Cole
Twitter/IG: shayizms
Facebook: Shay Cole

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