Hustler Spirit

50 Cent, once mentioned that there is a parallel between corporate America and the “hood”. There are so many guys in the hood that believe selling drugs, rapping,and having a basketball or football career is the only way to feed your family. In reality, there are so many avenues to build capital for yourself, but we are just blind to it sometimes or not willing to learn. It feels as if we’re limiting ourselves and our capabilities, talents or genes to take different routes in life. I mean, I look at it like this: if you take the same mindset or concept and put it towards pursuing your passion then you can do great things.

Everyone wants the fast life, making quick money instead of taking the time to learn that there’s no elevator to success. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that these individuals have to do what is necessary to provide, but why take a chance on your life? I know from experience and life lessons that it is not worth it in the end. Although there are many gifted “hustlers” out here in the world, there is no longevity in it. I believe there is a misconception with the word hustle. People tend to believe that when you are a hustler you only hustle in the streets, that’s Not necessarily true, you can hustle in your everyday life, whether it’s school, your job or entrepreneurship. We just need to gear our hustling skills into a more positive direction. 

As a young kid, the people I looked up to weren’t Martin Luther King or Muhammad Ali (sad to say–but it’s true!). It was guys like Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti that I wanted to grow up and imitate. They may not have been the best influences, but it’s a reality that majority of young African American males are inspired by rappers and sport figures. We see the glamorous lifestyle they live with the fast cars, money, and jewelry. 

Overall, we are intrigued by their hustling ability and the steps they took to get where they are.That’s the major problem we have in society today, we are so influenced by their culture that we want to take the exact steps they took to get where they are when we know for a fact we are risking our freedom to emulate their portrayed lifestyle. My point is this: if you take that hustling state of mind and put it towards something positive, your chances of succeeding and having long term success will be higher.

-Khari Jones Jr.

Facebook: Khari Jones Jr.

IG: @kharijonesjr

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  1. chris says:

    i like the way you explain it and refering to our situation


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