Having a Short Girlfriend

Having a Short Girlfriend

Being a giant has its perks at times, but it can get really confusing. I see things differently, literally and figuratively. When my head is up, it is easy for me to go, never considering who I may be stepping on along the way. When I am looking down, trying not to step on anyone, I end up stagnant. This is a continuous challenge for me; finding the balance between eye-level and being considerate of others. 

Exactly 3 1/2 years ago, this all changed. My girlfriend, better known as bae, is vertically challenged (don’t kill me), and she needs me to keep my head up, pursuing my goals, just as much as she needs me to be mindful of where I’m stepping. This is by far the greatest challenge of my life. 
Many things we do not see eye-to-eye on, but how could we? There’s over a foot between our lines of sight. We have different fears, we prioritize things differently, and overall we have different perspectives on life. It’s like micro vs macro economics, for which I failed my first micro course with flying F’s, but got an A in macro without much hard work. 

Many of the things that matter to my girlfriend are not even a thought in my head until she brings them to my attention. On the contrary, sometimes I explain things to her, and she has this look on her face that screams, “WTF!” I appreciate when you try to play it off, but I notice bae. This frustrates the hell out of both of us sometimes, but we figure it out and try again. 

I’ve said all of these things to say, “Bae, I finally get it.” You’re so important to me because you protects my legs better than I ever could. You even care enough to climb up and get my head on straight from time-to-time. 3 1/2 years later, I realize that you’re not getting any taller, and I’m not getting any shorter. The only way for us to stay on the same page is if I build my legs up strong enough to carry you on my shoulders, and for you to trust that I won’t drop you. This is not for us to see eye-to-eye, though. I want to help elevate you to new heights so that you may experience things unimaginable. In return, your sight will reach so much further than mine that you will be able to help guide me to my highest potential. You were a Queen when I met you, and every new day with you gives me the opportunity to grow closer to being your King. 

Happy birthday, beautiful!

Thank you for everything that you are and everything that you do. 

By : Steven Farrar 

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