Dear Sista,

I feel like Andre, Common,And Jay Electronic,

Nothing alike, but they got they got one thing in common,

Oh Erykah, Miss Amerykah,

I love ya Curls, and I can’t help but stare at her,

Bag lady, 

You’s a bad lady,

To the 10th,

I would’ve helped if I weren’t busy admiring her strength,

My apologies, ‘cuz for you I do the most,

Froze at first sight, 

Like I saw my grandest grandmother’s ghost,

And my attraction was no longer physical,

Pitiful, that I ever ridiculed the minuscule,

Now I’m loving everything from your Hips to ya menstrual,

God’s cleansing, I can wait a week for some lovin’,

If you can take 9-months of the heat in that oven….

Much more than an object,

Without you, my life is meaningless. 

I will never see progress. 

Dear Sista,

– Steven Farrar

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