Heads or Tales

Heads or Tales?

I was born in a box, where all we knew was box well,

This drink’s stronger than cottontails and oxtails,

Glass full, a shot of life and death made the best cocktail,

Every sip had us plotting on another risk,

Every check had us plotting on another chick,

As the plot thickened, we gave the plot another twist,

What’s the plot of this?

I’ll show you everything you know and then show you the opposite,

But I’ll try keep it moderate,

The people hate when you test their knowledge like colleges;

They need the truth in doses.

We’re living in a world where the cops keep the gnus in holsters,

Because we all know it’s illegal for Us to hold Us…

It turns out that the eagle was a vulture,

It’s Time to rethink the culture,

I’m getting restless,

My city is reckless,

Young men running around headless….

over a necklace. 

Trying to be the Fresh Prince,
Check it….

On the Westside of Detroit, born and raised,
was a hardheaded kid, True’d up in some yays,

Bossin’ up,

Buffed up,

Iced out,

Hustle’d up,

Started hangin’ out with some dudes up,

outside of the school, and we started causing trouble in our neighborhood,

Started selling dope because the paper good,

My moms found one lil bag and you know what she said,

“You better cut me off some change or get yo’ ass up outta here!”

Now what was I supposed to do?

When this was the reality for most of you;

This is hope for you.
What’s your choice?
– Steven Farrar 

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