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Steven Farrar (@ifarrarif50) | 23yrs old from Detroit, MI. “I view creation as the true power of God, to express; never striving for perfection, just an accurate portrayal of my imagination.”

Highlighted Works: Stereotypical, Life is Living, Pros & Con, etc.


Jamal Jackson (@J.J.A.C.K) | 15yrs old from Detroit, MI. “Because of our skin tone we all are at odds, it’s not about living no more; we just tryna survive…”

Highlighted Works: Just Tryna Survive??


Jamara Randall (@Jamara.xoxo) | My name is Jamara Randall. I am 24 and from Lansing MI. My passion is writing and fashion. I’ve launched my own website, focusing on women’s empowerment, self love, women supporting women and fashion. I am currently doing a charitable project for young ladies between the ages of 13 and 17, going back to school. I have teamed up with All Things Volleyball, a non-profit volleyball organization. Our goal is to keep young women involved in positive activities. Check out my Instagram @Jamara.xoxo for more information!


Highlighted Works: Dear Women,


Brittany P. Edwards, (Facebook: Brittany Patrice) | “I’m 24 years old. Originally from a suburb outside of Chicago, I relocated to Michigan at age 14. I graduated from MSU two years ago with a B.A. in criminal justice and a minor in sociology and I am currently working towards a master’s degree in management. I am also in the process of creating a team of mentors to assist youth in our community. Writing has always been my means of expressing myself, my innermost sacred thoughts and feelings. I hope to uplift, encourage, and motivate others through my writing and mentoring.”

Highlighted Works: Little Sister, Lightskin VS. Darkskin


Khari Jones, Jr. (@KhariJonesJr) | “My name is Khari Jones Jr. I am 25 year old from Chicago, Illinois. I have newfound passion for writing. My plan is to inspire people with my story through various topics. I live by the quote “When motivation is strong, there is ambition, when there is strong ambition, there is motivation.” Currently a senior at Indiana State University. Check out my Instagram @Kharijonesjr for my life through pictures!”

Highlighted Works: Why African-Americans should Study Abroad, Pursuing what is Destined


Shay Cole (@shayizms) | “I am a Detroit native living in middle Georgia. I have been writing for over 20 years and it’s my passion. My words are my gift and I share them to inspire. My goal is to encourage others to share their gifts and help change the world.”

Twitter/IG: shayizms

Facebook: Shay Cole