Changes: 2015

Inspired by Tupac Shakur:

2015, same game. 1 in a million. May the light of the Lord shine upon me, brightening the days of those in darkness, and lead us to a path of happiness…..
‘Cuz still I see no changes, 

Old folks afraid to say shit,

Kids being killed by police that’s racist,

And they say the young folks disgrace us,

But no mistake bruh, you can’t replace us.

History in the making,

So take nothing for granted, and let nothing granted be taken,

Because change ain’t came, since Sam Cooke sang,

I then lost my brain and I’m running out of patience,

Running low on paychecks,

If you could see me vision, you’d tell me to keep my eyes open.

But blessed to not be dead yet,

Blasting my speakers, and you ain’t outta bed yet,

Get yo ass up! 

‘Cuz it’s a party!

Let’s get it on, new Marvin!

Who wanna become the 100th problem? 

‘Cuz this world’s evolving,

Doors are revolving,

And the doorway to Heaven goes through this revolver. 
*I count 6 shots!*
Too much lame shit,

For the fame, shit,

And I can’t blame ’em, ‘cuz they just wanna get rich,

But fuck a dollar; I’ve been had sense,

Even when I didn’t have shit,

And was still average with the mathematics,

Add shit, subtraction,

Now I multiply exponents to ex opponents,

On the search for my next opponent!

“I’m my best, who want it?”

If you speak it, you own it,

We’ll have this bitch burnt up from corner to corner,

From the corner of Florida, to the Port of New Orleans,

Lay my head in Detroit, and in the morning we on it,

Yawning, on the way to fuck up California!
Some people pray to hit the lottery for a million,

I just pray that I don’t lose the ticket,

Guess I’m different.

I rarely pray for myself but I think a lot;

Let my blessings fall, and I drink a lot;

Mama raised me not to be a thug, but I think I’m Pac,

The Hate U Gave Me Is Now Determining Everyone’s Demise; Thug Minded…

Look in my eyes, look in your eyes,

See the prize buried beyond the lies, 

Put your head to the skies, you’re the product of a God.

Written by: Steven Farrar



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